At Gemini Financial, we utilize a team approach to planning that involves some of the best marketing organizations in the business today, coupled with some of the industry’s top providers of insurance and income planning tools available. Founded in 2010, our firm offers financial services with over 45 years of combined experience.

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We approach each client’s case with the same dedication to striving toward perfection and quality service. We believe in first earning your trust, and then your business. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where you feel at home. At Gemini Financial, we strive to build relationships that can stand the test of time.

At Gemini Financial, we aim to provide useful financial information with understanding. We strive to offer our clients some of the industry’s leading products and services so we can better protect their futures, creating added peace of mind with comprehensive strategies to meet our clients’ retirement goals and needs.

Our one-on-one meetings with clients and personalized approach to retirement planning allow us to gain a more intimate perspective and insight into your financial goals. We believe it is this personal touch and passion for asset protection and growth that separates Gemini Financial from the rest.

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Cody Bullock is an insurance specialist with 14 years of industry experience. Cody’s career began in 2001, working in the specialized senior market for a national company. Working in both agent and management roles, Cody was able to build the company’s second-largest team. Advancement opportunities led Cody to New York Life, where he served as a partner in an agency for three years and trained some of the country’s best life representatives. He maintains his life insurance and annuity license in Arkansas (AR #227703).

Cody is the co-founder of Gemini Financial, an independent firm dedicated to the increased financial education of its clients in the pursuit of their financial well-being. He focuses on providing options for his clients in the areas of asset risk management, retirement income planning, asset protection, and faith-based service.



Trey Fowler is the co-founder of Gemini Financial. Born and raised in Arkansas, Trey has spent 13 years in the financial industry, dedicating his time to asset protection-based strategies. Trey was in agency management for two large firms; he had a three-state territory and partnered with one of the largest insurance companies nationally. After playing football for 22 years, he also has been coaching youth football for the past 7 years. He brings that same dedication and team environment to Gemini Financial. He maintains his life insurance and annuity license in Arkansas (AR #195686).

Trey has been married to his wife, Lori, for 17 years and has two boys whom he loves to spend his free time with outside of business.

Since educating clients on their options is at the forefront of what we do at Gemini Financial, it’s no wonder so many people turn to us for their insurance and financial needs. Our goal is to provide a retirement income planning experience that can provide results beyond your expectations, while helping give you added peace of mind for your future.

Income Planning

When planning for retirement income needs, our holistic approach allows us to strategize for your retirement by providing a foundation that you can build upon as necessary. Our objective is to take the guesswork out of your retirement income planning. From the most complex income laddering, to the simplest of income needs, we can help you find solutions that could work best for your individual situation.

Our firm’s team-based approach offers the ability to design strategies using our combined experience that is hard to duplicate in today’s environment.

Family Protection

Our comprehensive life insurance options allow us to help you plan for financial challenges that your family may encounter. Whether it is mortgage protection, income replacement, college funding, or estate planning, we have you covered with a multitude of carriers that we can customize to your needs. Please be advised that there may be specific limitations to these options.1

Legacy Planning

Leveraging your assets is key to passing on your legacy to your beneficiaries. Legacy planning may take advantage of rules and guidelines available to garner a more favorable, tax-efficient outcome for your heirs.2

Long-Term Health Care

A comprehensive approach to taking care of long-term health care needs can help provide a foundation for building your financial future. Relieving your family and loved ones of both the financial and emotional stress of being a caregiver is one of the most financially sound and selfless acts we can make. Today’s long-term care strategies allow you to pass on unused benefits to your estate or named beneficiaries, giving you more certainty for what may happen in the future.

Federal Employee Planning

At Gemini Financial, a segment of our dedicated team is here to provide both working and retired employees of government agencies and the postal office insight on benefits that they may not have received elsewhere. Our team can help you or your loved ones with information regarding your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) options, IRA rollover funds, FEGLI (group life) information, military buyback, and more. An unbiased approach allows us to research a multitude of companies to serve your best interests.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement income planning strategies revolve around one important aspect: you. They are individually designed to provide opportunities to reach more of your personal financial goals, and they follow methods based on your overall retirement income planning objectives, risk tolerance, and retirement timeline, as well as legacy goals.


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1 Distributions such as loans and withdrawals from a life insurance policy can only be made if the policy has been in force long enough to accumulate sufficient value. Loans and withdrawals will reduce the policy value and death benefit. Loans are subject to interest charges.

2 Not intended to provide legal, tax, investment or accounting advice. Please see professionals in these areas to determine how the concept will fit your specific situation.